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Lets talk shit/The Evolution of Racism

Saturday, 1 January, 2011

With the modernization of the times, philosohpers who’ve governed over great nations that were primarily formed through the blood and sweat of immigrants, studied the failures of foreign rulers who’ve sought better lives for their citizens. After studying the paths of leaders such as Hitler and Alexander the Great, whose principal reasons for failure were their infinate greed to conquer; the overall theme of these men’s concerns to feed their people, became the common goal realised. The perilous judgements offered to inflicters of genocide by the World’s Court, protruded such philosophers from simply massacring people of ethnic cultures, hence formulated the ‘racial don’t ask, don’t tell policy’.  To maintain a continued availability of employment for certain races, specific guidlines were implimented to derail certain classes from qualifying for certain positions. These new lands on which I dwell were first inhabited by Indians of various breeds, who’ve been mistreated and robbed of their lands. This imbreaded genocide has gone unadressed for too long, as these are the reasons so many ethnic youths are behind bars, striving harder to survive and constantly battling with police. We live in a diverse culture where no two people are exactly alike, it is only through the powers of the law that ethnic employees are hired into many positions and ethnic citizens still experience racial treatments daily. In order to achieve you must first know where you are coming from and what you’re up against. People often misinterpret our endeavors to assist others to greatness, we know that through knowledge comes progression and will always try to advance our ethnic youths…