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Informer/The Wars of Men…

Monday, 9 August, 2010

To all our peeps the novel Informer is now available through your local book retailer. Insist they stock their shelves with the summer’s hottest novel. Informer is also available through, simply click on book title and purchase from second page. You internet faithfuls can find a copy on electronic book, where they feature the latest authors.
The Boss.

Lets talk shit!

Thursday, 5 August, 2010

Here at Best of Both Borders we firmly believe in health households, where a father and mother join in the upbringing of their children. Far too many children like myself, grow up in a world where we look out at our happy friends enjoying the affections of their fathers and think to ourselves, “Dam, I wonder what it would be like to grow up with one of those.” But whose fault is it why so many of us grow up in a world without the joint care of mom and dad? For me, it would have been easier to know that my father was dead, rather than the fact he lived an half hour away. But I was lucky, because I had strong grandparents who taught me how to be strong and how to be a man. While growing up, I had a friend whose father was prejudice and would often scold him for talking to people of color. My boy didn’t care, we family till this day and eternity. So maybe growing up with both parents isn’t as hot as it seems. Maybe not having the incubator or sperm donor who birth you around isn’t that bad? I know every child would jump at the opportunity to prove that for themselves, but we all can’t. Sorry.