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Teach the Knowledge

Monday, 23 November, 2009

Nuff Respect on your comments related to our first article, have any topics you’ld like us to shed some light on, drop us the plot and we’ll knock it out the park.
However, Laws were invented to bring about order or else anarchy would reign supreme. We here at Triple B always think about the youths, especially those who’re forced to grow up on their own, without the loving nurture and guidance of solid parents. As such, many have strayed and changed to pussy-holes, with no capability to correct their course of life. I’ve known countless individuals who’ve surrendered their lives, because they made decisions which were harmful to their health. As youngsters a lot of you teens now a days believe you’re qualified to tackle issues y’all have no idea about! Why do you youngsters think your parents or supervisers were born the size they are now? Fact is the majority of the issues you guys face were already experienced by your elders, who you believe have no idea what you’re talking about. It takes strength and courage for responsible parents to raise their children, thats why more of you rude talking snotty nose bastards aren’t in foster cares around the globe. I know you children who’ve lost your parents and are forced to fend for yourselves know what I’m talking about, because Mr. Bills is a bitch isn’t he! Being a big man doesn’t insinuate that you portray someone else, just live considerably and keep your actions pure and clean! There are rules to life which dictates wheather you keep breathing or end up a statistic and we’re going to give you some of those rules, which hopefully will one day save your life.

Rules: Don’t be a hipocrite/ Let your word be your bond/

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Thursday, 19 November, 2009

Ugh Im Mad Tired ….

This Should be Hitting The Blogs Pretty Heavy Tommarrow…

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- I can’t tell a Lie, Mane I killed this Sh**!! It’s


Quick Scene’s To “Special Girl” Off Cap City DVD Vol.1

Sunday, 15 November, 2009
This Is After We Won The Battle On CHUO Last year around Febuary...
And we had the recording time w/ the BRl show to do one song ... ! Me And DJMES to make something for the ladies that night, which will prolly be revealed on the Upcoming project ...(News on the way) ....



So Shouts To Angelic, Aamia, Beatsamillion, Messy, & The BRL SHOW , Ya Favorite Light Skin, Alive, It’s pittsburgh To the Parliament …..

P.S Damn I Miss that Baby G – Shock Lost That watch In NY.

I was only person I knew with it…  So @lumbajackson if you find that joint sell that mutha to every boby that I know lol!! lmao. * drake voice

We Out !!