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Targetted from birth

Thursday, 15 October, 2009

I am a Jamaican national who resides in Canada and after twenty plus years in this country, I’ve grown frustrated with the treatment which people of other ethnic groups have faced since the creation of the law. I’ve heard countless of people say, “if I knew back then what I know today I would be —–”. Fact is we at Triple B have observed that practically zero of the muliti ethnic groups in Canada, have mentors who are important aspects of this country. As a black man like Obama, I would love to witness Canada elect it’s first ethnic Prime Minister, but we’re still miles from shore. Facts, in Canada the police have ensured failure of our young ethnic youths, who are targetted from a young age. A criminal records I believe is the most distructive element against our youths, because as a criminal you’re of far less worth than an illegal alien. Officers are trained to continue oppressing the oppressed, so they remain the poorer majority. We’re not by any means justifying the acts of wrongdoers, but rather attempting to guide or change the characters of individuals. Once you’ve been accessed a criminal record, major doors which could be opened to you in the future are automatically closed. Lets say your intents are the music industry, where you intend to open a studio and produce artists; grants which may offer you your desires freely from the government, won’t ever get offered to you because —. Your chances of gaining a pardon to erase wrongness from your record require a three year abstainance from crime, which quite often results in you being accessed another charge should you continue on such reckless path. Travelling, forget certain countries because a record of any nature will automatically get you rejected, and wavers are as difficult and complex as a penny dollar. Heck, quite often even your crimanal sibbling will interfere in your bid to join certain faculties, such as law enforcement etc. Our goal is to create the FIRST whatever you chose to be, because we believe that regardless of your upbringing, wheather you’re from an abusive home, were molested, had a prostitue parent, grew up in poverty and knows nothing else, yes you can become the FIRST tomorrow. The law had been implimented and will never change, because similar to the hustler in the projects are those who hustle amongst the wealthy, yet the percentage of those being jailed drastically isolates those who service the ghettos. We all have our own personal ideals and I’m preying you think about yours before you hop into that next vehicle with your friend who you know is about to pick up their criminal record.