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New Cashtro Interview Done By CKDJ , And Some New York News…. !!!

Wednesday, 27 May, 2009
Interview Done By Chris Feeny For CKDJ
This took place right before Cashtro’s Move to New York for Business ventures and more…
He explains everything from Triple B, Pittsburgh,  Ottawa, His relationship with His DJ, and Much More!!
Good Description Right?! Yeah The bloggers Should be eating this up… But you know how that goes…lol
So Yeah Mad funnies Popped up Twitter today
I’m still tryna to rap @ Ninasky. Not like that.
And @Foxxfiles homie, has started the #Unfollow diddy stuff lmao. That’s big though.
I love Finding Mix shows Online that Im On lol… Not Being Cocky at all! It just amazes how many how poeple have heard me or Of me and Mes, its nuts !! Shouts To EG Radio Online Listening to:
But Anyways Im just here Fam! No work Today So Im blogging hard with it…
Here’s The Interview Holla with Feedback!!!

Cashtrooooooo In New York …. So Far Poppin.

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Since I’ve got  to the City , I haven’t really Got to Play “Tourist” In the since of me needed a Job and Esstentials for living and Recording and more. So Now that Im Settled in and All that Jazz for the most Part, Now it’s time to really Enjoy and explore the city and See what has to Offer!!!

Working in Soho is Dope. lol, I mean The people I see, Meet, and Run into Are Nuts, And Im sure it will only get better…

The BX (Bronx) Is my S***.  I wouldn’t wanna live in any other Borough at the time… Maybe Bk. Maybe.

But Please believe you’ll hear something Extremely Wild and fresh outta here in a little bit Please just stay tuned….

Blogs warming up Already MEssy!!

And P.S Send you To Another Hot Viddy Right now Rick Ross’ And Avery Storm – Rich Off C****** lol From Deeper than Rap (WHICH IS MY FAVORITE ALBUM THIS YEAR) MY SHIT!!

Candid Camera On The Train!! Cashtro And Slick.

Rick Ross Ft. Avery Storm – RICH OFF Cocaina lol. Shitsssss hott!


Song Im running with Tooo!!!


Bloggin …..

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Just getting a grip on WordPress Blogging … It’s a lil bit more in depth with things you wanna post or blog about… So I Dig it!! Give me some Play around time but for now hit Me, Mes, and Triple B @