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Music is in our blood, believe it or not. These are sentiments that I truly believe to be accurate. Since I was a child growing up in Montego Bay, Jamaica I’ve been surrounded with music. In fact, I was barely off my knees as a young lad just learning to walk, before my mom brought me to my first dance hall experience. The woman gave me my own bottle of ail (Pepsi what else) and watched me get my groove on, before I later passed out, she put me on a table to sleep and got her party on! Point in all this, the music because that’s mostly all I remembered. But music was a every day thing around my yard, as my uncles owned and exercised regularly the sole major sound system called Speng International in the area.

After years of supporting music causes such as parties, dancehall jams and events, I’ve finally decided to put my own stamp on the music. The overall theme behind Best of Both Borders is to provide the World with the most authentic sounds they’ve ever heard. The type shit that makes you have to pause and shake your ass for a minute, because lets face it, music moves the soul and refreshes the mind. Without music millions of people every weekend would be out of a party to party and the world would actually be lifeless, you don’t want to picture it.

We’ve produced Triple B Project Presents: Cashtro and Dj Mes: Crosby Show Mix tape as a sample of that evolution of the music, which this company will bring. Should you listen to our artists, you’ll immediately identify our brand of music, which is purely to like Obama said, “Change the world”. The buzz around Triple B in Canada and around the world has been enormous, as associates and friends of the company have flocked to the web site to learn of what’s to come. Our friends in Jamaica, England, America, Europe and Africa have sent their well wishes and support and we thank them all. The promise made to them all is Quality Music, which is our stamp and motto. There is a network of music brainiacs behind the logo, a family of music innovators poised on producing the next big thing, in all the sound aspects we spoke of earlier.

We welcome your criticism to the music, but haters keep it all to yourselves. One love to all our supporters and friends, the page is for y’all so enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!!

"When I Tell People I make Music I always get one Question... Why Ottawa,Ontario?!" Cashtro laughs, and then Humbly and says, "School, Family, And opportunity Got me to Canada. Life Got Me Ottawa, and Hey Life handed me lemons, and I love Lemonade!" With A Strong a Drive in Business And Music That's exactly what he's doing in his adapted "2nd home" in the city of Ottawa, Ontario.

His Mother has been in radio for over 15 years, and his father is a Club Promoter of Dancehall Music, from New York, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Ottawa, Etc. From the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA. Jah-Nyah "Cashtro" Williams (Jay Williams) never thought he would pursue a career in the music business especially as An Emcee.... Writing Raps started out as a hobby that he kept to himself through middle school... As he got older and matured it was only a Matter of time where he had topics that everyone would understand and the world could relate too weather Hip Hop, school, girls, you name it…. Through his junior and senior year he did collaborations with his good friends Ghostwriter, GQ, JFK DA Villain (How to Hustle/ Loony Tunes prod team.), but still was unsure if was actually going to pursue actual career in making music with school, and other things in the mix. In July 2006 he moved to Montreal Canada to study business at Concordia University. In the events of turmoil, school and family over the summer He Moved To Ottawa Later in the fall.... Since then he's Networked and performed through New York, Ottawa, Montreal,Kingston, Brockville, Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Niagara Falls just to name some he has manage to accumulate a nice amount of street buzz, and has made appearances tracks with DJ Mes, C Squeezy,Merkz and the members of Royal Krown… He also Plans to produce other genres other than Hip Hop, engineer, and Ghostwrite to further his career.

In late 2007 Cashtro Began Recording with a Young Emcee from the West of Ottawa, ON by the name of Merkz a.k.a "The Sun Of A Gun" and the results were crazy productive. What started of to be a couple of recording session ended up being the start of a new Wave through the streets and ears of the Hip hop Audience in the Parliament City. As the chemistry grew they decided to go all in and give the people more than a Mixtape…And with the Help of DJ MES and the people, The Triple B Project was born. "The Triple Project is the Title of the collaborations from Us Collectively. Triple B Stands for Best of Both Boarders…Same Continent, different countries," says Cashtro.

In 2008 Cashtro took on the alias Crosby comparing his quantity and quality to the young NHL Pittsburgh Penguin player Sidney Crosby... And maintained a strong buzz with Original yet versatile songs, and freestyle he would refer too as re routes on various sites , blogs, This year alone He has opened for Blu of Johnson and Johnson , Prodigal Sunn of Sunn Of Man,and Digable Planets, countless shows and Not to mention a Mixtape Release Party! In October 2008 Triple B Project Presents Cashtro The Crosby Show CD Release was @ Babylon. The CD is 29 tracks of pure Versatility which bleeds through the music. With Guest appearances from C Squeezy, Rezenee, DJ Mes , Maxell, and yours truly Mr. Cosby himself. And this just the beginning ....

*Pittsburgh And Ottawa not really known for their musical aspects*, That's why we our setting the tone for the Future, making music that always Has that Real Hip Hop Feel with mainstream appeal and hopefully continue to progress in the Music Business for years to come.

Musical Influences :Being From Pittsburgh He has always been East Coast Influenced: Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G, Big L, MF Doom, J Dilla, Big Pun, Fabolous, The Clispe, The Diplomats, T.I, The Fugees, Wu-Tang, DJ Premier, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Run Dmc, Black Sheep… New Artists Include… Lupe Fiasco, W.A.L.E, Amy Winehouse, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Rye Rye, Fools Gold Records, Blu and Exile, Justice, and the Cool Kids. Alias: RoachFace Killa, 007 Cashtro Young Bond, Cashtro Crosby, 0X Guevara…

Team Shout Out's: "Sheesh I Gotta List Full… First Off My Pops, Brother G, Moms, Red Head Moms, Grandma's lol, The whole Williams Family... My Team Back home … The Whole South Side Of Pittsburgh, Warrington, The Zhoov, Knoxville, Allentown, St. Clair, The Heights, Mt. Woo, Carson, Uh Everywhere!!! My Brother from Another Young William H Billy "B", Mont "Ski" Craven, Bentley, Lucky D, Peepers, C-Murda from Queens, Rell, Chuck Diesel From HP,R.I.P TO MY COUSIN Jehru D. , J.R, Ryan B., Fairplay....Rap Wise: Royal Krown, Quota, Da entourage, Ghost Writer, JFk The Villian, DJ Mes, DJ Alive, Diction, Dynamic, DJ Ducats, Hip Hop Canada, DJ Illo, Stylusts, CP Fam, Hawk Black Parliament ,DJ Circa, DJ Rocsteady , BoJangles, Tytus, All The Reggae DJ's, Urban Affraire, Squeezy, Skrilla, Logic, 5 Star, New Money, Royal Krown, Anyone who has been Holding US DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

DJ MES brings to Triple B an outstanding resume and an absolute love for music. Throughout the past ten years he has been dee-jayingprofessionally. Opening for such artists as, BLU, Belly, Masari, LloydBanks, Fabolous, Papoose, Joe Budden, FatMan Scoop, D.J. Whoo Kid,Junior Reid and Baby Cham. He has created himself a name in Eastern

Canada for his skills on the ones and twos. He originally found himself interested in music because of his mother, he reflected her love for music in his own life. He has spun in countless nightclubs in the Ottawa area, as well as in Montreal and Toronto & there suroundingareas.

He has spun alongside some of Eastern Canada's finest D.J.'sand Sound crews- D.J. Frame, Bojangles, Massive Vibes, Tru Sound, Casual, Kid Concussion, Capone, Groovemovement, Earthquake Soundcrew,Ill Kids, Legacy Sound, Starting From Scratch, Baby Yu & R.G., SocaMonarches, De Enforcers, TNT Styles, Assassins, FireSquad, D.J. Illo, KidSL, Drastik, Magniffecent, Select, Daddy Rich, BenJammin, RudeBoy,D.J. Chris, Jubba Hype, D.J. T-Dot, Moon Shine ladies, Government Intl., Platinum Touch, Blaxx, Lindo P., King Turbo, Rocsteady, Silverfox, Titus, Dr. Jeckell Ebony & Ivory, Nighthawk intl., Not to mention his time on Hot 89.9, CKCU 93.1 and CHUO 89.1. He Gained thebusiness side of the music industry, with his experience from formallybeing Universal Music Canada's Urban Promotions Representative forOttawa and he also was affiliated with Virgin Music Canada's StreetTeam for the Ottawa area.

In 2003 under the name Royal Crown DJ MES, and the entertainment company had a big vision but was unable to find proper backing. In 2006, the company revamped itself, renaming it Royal Krown Entertainment. Along with the new name also came the signing of new artists to the portfolio. Royal Krown specializes in the management and promotion of various musical groups and independent artists, still located in Toronto today. In late 2006 he Met a Young Emcee From Pittsburgh, Pa going back and Forth to Canada studying by the name of Cashtro, and formed the Hip Hop 1, 2 punch.  **The Versatile Emcee and Veteran DJ** In 2007 Cashtro Began Recording with a Young Emcee from the West of Ottawa, ON by the name of Merkz a.k.a "The Sun Of A Gun" and the results were crazy productive. What started off to be a couple of recording session ended up being the start of a new Wave through the streets and ears of the Hip hop Audience in the Parliament City. As the chemistry grew they decided to go all in and give the people more than a Mixtape…And with the Help of DJ MES and the people, The Triple B Project was born. Now with the New Venture Of Triple B Records he plays a Huge role, from Rocking His own parties, to Holding Down Cashtro's Shows, From Management, to A&R'ing, and everything in between, he wears all the Hats he can wear In this Business. As he would say...

BE ABOUT IT, DON'T HEAR ABOUT IT..................

Big Shout outs to all the artists that I am or have worked with there is to many to name........... everyone that has held me down & supported me over all these years, since the begining, through the good times and bad,to the ones that are still with me and to the ones that have left before me....... Much RESPECT & LOVE!

Wynne "Vic the NorthStar" Badoe is a Canadian artist who produces, raps, and sings vast amounts of music. Born in London, England to Ghanaian parents, Vic's family moved to Canada in 1992. From the age of 4 Vic started his musical education learning the piano, and later the drums and saxophone. Since age 14 Vic has been magnetically pursuing a career in the music industry by not only learning how to make beats but writing lyrics for himself and others. Now 21 years old, he has found attractive ways to mix his youthfulness with an artful maturity that can't be found in many artists his own age. He finds inspiration in the small details which make life interesting. He has also earned his B.A in Music at Carleton University. To date Vic has released 3 full mixtapes online ("Thus Far"2009, "Sixty Minutes"2010, & "How I'm Doing" 2011) which feature mostly original material. Able to deliver thought provoking songs as well as catchy radio ready singles, Vic's rap delivery has been described as a mix between Lupe Fiasco and Bow Wow. Production wise Vic has a very diverse range, influenced by The Neptunes, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Swizz Beatz and others. In 2010 Vic's affiliation with Best of Both Borders became official and to date he has assisted in production, sound engineering, song writing and performances. Vic's musical versatility enables him to collaborate with a growing number of artists which subsequently is allowing his internet presence to expand. Watch out for VicNS.

Born on April the 17, 1991. Determined, positive, loyal, spiritually balanced and blessed. My passion for music started off in the year 2004 at Charlemont High School, which is where I learnt to play the saxophone. Entered J.C.D.C where I got numerous medals, merits and trophies. My biggest Reggae Icon is the great Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley). Kalonii: to captivate the minds and elevate the souls of both young and older generation, with melodious music catchy lyrics and a different flow that anyone can relate to.

Gilbert Williams was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He has lived in the United States for over thirty years before relocating to Canada. Gilbert is the father of young Cashtro Crosby the rap phenom, who was born in the 412 area. Gilly is a pioneer in the world of music, who has promoted dynamic music in the USA and Canada...Triple B

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